|Frame Haus: Performance|
Title: Plait
With Artist Anh Tran, as the art collective Hark + Hark
Image Credits Patrick Donely, Jessica Oberdick and Sarah Lyon.

On site, a series of women plait themselves through Frame Haus,, braiding their hair together. This braided sequence builds links inside the structure, weaving through space. Hair is used as a fiber, relating to transitory and nomadic structures where women were originally architects. Place making was temporary and ritualistic.
Plaiting or braiding has been used as a structure and cultural code throughout human history. Human hair was originally braided, and in many cultures combined with organic material as an extension off the body. Hair can be looked at as the original fiber and origination of the textile, using tension to create architecture. In Plait, we examine the ritualistic use of braiding to create structural formations within Frame Haus. The braid is an extension of ones self onto the architecture.