|Frame Haus: Projection|
Title: After ZAHA

Asserting privacy, the performance After Zaha explores female identity as psychological experiences within a series of physical actions. Large projected images camouflage the steel and fiber Frame Haus structure, disguising space, and physicality. The structural abstraction of column, entablature and pediment is made invisible by the images. These wild and colorful projections showcase the inner psychological world of the individual. .
Images include plant patterns and other images that deal with our human relationship to nature. Gif’s and patterns designed from bouquets and other plants native to Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky, Jane Goodall setting a Chimpanzee free back into the wild, a burning cherry tree pile gifted to the U.S. from Japan, the cherry blossom parade in Washington D.C., all are projected onto the structure, reflecting the interior world onto the exterior structure. These images are significant to the artist as cultural documents, which embody the house/ home dualism in relation to nature; our psychological need to control and dominate nature in conversation with our need to be wild, free and emotional. The performance deals with disguise, beauty ritual, emotions, repetitive habits and reflects on how we inhabit space, changing, adjusting and rearranging our physical and emotional needs.
The performance was recorded on March 31, 2016 the day Zaha Hadid, perhaps the worlds most famous female architect passed away. The performance was recorded inside the artists studio (housed in a historic fabric factory) during a spring thunderstorm. Howling winds, thunder and rain drenched the factory building during the recording. Sound design samples drum beats with thunderstorm sounds and humming.
Performance by: Catherine Richards. and Anh Tran
Video, Projection and Sound: Catherine Richards